Der Peppern Gror


My family came to Norway in the 70’s as foreign workers, as many Indian families did at that time. They travelled to a country that needed labour force, and very few actually knew anything about the country they were now migrating to. The oil nation with all its riches, that Norway would eventually become, was still a distant dream. With nothing more than perseverance, hope and willpower they began carving out a future for themselves, as factories workers, in shops, as cleaners, as doctors, as engineers, as business owners. The country needed them, and their hard work has been part of building the Norway we know today.

Der Peppern Gror


Der Peppern Gror is my tribute to these people, their food culture, and all the efforts and hardships they put in so that generations to follow could have all the means to succeed.

Food is an integral part of culture. At home we never made chicken tikka masala, not because my mother didn’t want to, but this is something that we would have if we went out dining at Indian restaurants. As you can here. But if you would like to try something new, I would like to tell you that we at Der Peppern Gror draw inspiration from the roots of Indian cooking traditions. How about gol gappe, taste bombs made out of semolina balls, sold by street vendors in India, or what about tandoori challi, (grilled corn on open flame), samosa chaat?

Der Peppern Gror


From our live kitchen, the first of its kind in Norway, we invite you to have a chat with our chefs, and overlook how Indian food is made. From our menu, you can choose from streetfood, grills, homestyle cooking and restaurant curries. And if you are extra lucky my mother will be standing in the “Mom’s corner” making you your meal.

I hope you enjoy your visit in my restaurant

Samir Sharma

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